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KULDI BAND is a headband with a soft gel which remains flexible when frozen.

KULDI BAND is a simple but revolutionary innovation in the fight against headaches and migraines.

KULDI BAND provides pain relief and aids in recovery with cold therapy along with compression.

KULDI BAND is very easy to use which allows you to continue your daily activities while keeping your recovery
game strong.

1. Freeze Kuldi for 2 hours for the maximum cooling effect.

2. Place Kuldi on the desired treatment area and ice it for 8-12 minutes.

3. Repeat as needed.



Cryotherapy is a natural treatment option for inflammation, sore muscles and joint pain that is suitable for everyone.
Cryotherapy is a well known method of recovery recommended by professionals all over the world to treat sore
muscles and joints and help speed recovery.


KULDI BAND comes in TWO sizes.

  • Use the sizing chart to find the right size for you.

Kuldi Band sizes:

S/M: 35-55 cm í circumference (10cm stretch in the material) 

L/XL: 45-65 cm í circumference (10cm stretch in the material)


KULDI BAND is safe for everyone to use.